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Best Property Investments hand-developed range of bespoke property investment services offer options for all preferences and portfolio types – catering to the individual needs of investors looking to increase capital, build monthly cashflow, or partner with an experienced firm.

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With a keen focus on our key values of security, transparency, flexibility, and due-diligence, Best Property Investments works to ensure our delivery of an exceptional level of service throughout the property investment process – with an overarching aim of delivering a significant return on investment across a wide portfolio of residential property.

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Property Investment Services

Discover Best Property Investments core range of property investment services – designed and delivered by experienced industry experts to ensure optimal results. Offered on a bespoke basis to all clients, our services aim to allow for a ‘hands-free’ investment experience where preferred, helping ensure the best possible decisions are made with regard to your portfolio and individual goals, whilst minimising your workload.

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Portfolio Building

Allow our property investment experts to manage and expand a successful portfolio on your behalf.

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006 land development

Land Development

Partner with our land development experts to discover high potential plots yielding incredible returns.

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Fixed Returns

Explore our wide range of property investment packages, offering fixed returns on a monthly/yearly basis.

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004 property sourcing

Property Sourcing

Discover high potential property investment opportunities with the assistance of our knowledgeable experts and rich network.

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003 portfolio acquisition

Portfolio Acquisition

Gain the opportunity to access, evaluate, and obtain existing portfolios alongside our portfolio management specialists.

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Industry Insight

Discover our selection of services, or, contact us to learn more about how our expertise could impact your income.

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Our Values

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Best Property Investments experienced investors understand that security is paramount to a successful portfolio. With us, each investment is completely secure – no trap doors, no tricks.

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We pride ourselves on offering complete transparency to each of our clients throughout the investment process, allowing for changes to be made at any point, as and when requested.

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Working on a bespoke basis with a select group of clients allows our experts to deliver a more personalised level of service, allowing for accurate insight into all elements of a portfolio.

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Due Diligence

Our experts strive to know every fine detail before committing to any investment decision, allowing them to fully assess all available options, and make impactful moves that help ensure a high return.

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Property Investment Process

Step 1

Free Consultation

Our property investment and development experts are proud to offer a free consultation service, during which they’ll advise on the most suitable investment package or service for your goals, requirements, and limitations.

Step 2


After establishing your chosen property service and receiving an initial payment, your allocated Best Property Investments consultant will undertake all work necessary to source and obtain relevant opportunities with high return potential.

Step 3


Our dedicated team will work on your behalf to ensure every aspect of your investment functions smoothly, allowing you to reap the benefits of your successful investment with minimal stress.

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News & Resources

Browse our collection of the latest property investment news and resources.

Property Market Predictions 2021

The expert property investors at Best Property Investments provide their UK Property Market Predictions 2021 with insights of several property market factors.

Stamp Duty Holiday Extension 2021

Rishi Sunak announced in the UK 2021 Budget that there’ll be a Stamp Duty Holiday Extension 2021 which is welcomed by house-buyers and property investors.

95% Mortgage Scheme and the 2021 Budget

Rishi Sunak accounced in the 2021 Budget that UK lenders will be offering 95% mortgage guaranteed by the government to help buyers with small deposits.

Why Invest in Property?

Property is a long-established ‘safe’ investment choice – having proven itself to be both a financially rewarding, and relatively stable option for investors of all calibres.

Unlike more volatile or inconsistent investment options such as stocks and shares, property, when chosen and managed effectively, is able to produce a consistent income – with the market appearing to be set for strong growth in the coming decade. Though trends may be subject to change, it is important to consider that homes are an essential commodity, and will always be in demand, with increasing percentages of the UK’s population opting to rent.

With demand for property far outweighing current supply, house prices rising faster than ever before, and mortgage interest rates at an all-time low, investors have been able to, and continue to gain a significant return on their investment, with most able to benefit from capital growth of up to 6% year-on-year.

For the above reasons, property is now considered by industry experts and investors alike to be the strongest asset class, and is an excellent choice for investors looking to achieve a variety of objectives – including establishing a regular cashflow, building capital, or gaining high returns.

Property Investment FAQs

What does a property investment company do?

A property investment company assists clients with investing in property by taking away the pressure that such a process comes with. Individuals looking to allocate their financial assets in property may lack time or expertise to complete the process themselves, making a property investment company a perfect solution for them. The services offered by real estate investment companies vary. Some of the services that a property investment company typically offers are; sourcing the properties, helping with the purchase process and liaising with solicitors and mortgage brokers on your behalf, as well as managing the property for you, or recommending someone who can do it on your behalf.

Investing in property through an investment company gives you access to superior quality properties and allows you to diversify your portfolio. You’re also more likely to make a sizable return on your investment as your money is being handled by experts.

What is a property portfolio?

A property portfolio is a term used to describe a number of investment properties you own - typically at least two or more. These may be a combination of different types of properties that are generating you a return on your initial investment. Your property portfolio may be made up of rental properties, HMOs or short-term and holiday properties, which you might be renting out via websites such as Airbnb. Owning one investment property can certainly supplement your income on a regular basis but it may not be enough to cover the costs of the property and at the same time offer you financial freedom. Therefore most property investors expand and diversify their property portfolios to increase their monthly cashflow, generate passive income or grant themselves an early retirement.

What do land developers do?

Land developers buy land or property, which is currently not being used or is run down, with the aim to improve it and sell it at a profit. The improvements applied to land include adding utility connections or building roads, as well as repairing the land or building upon it. Land development sometimes requires developers to alter the landscape in different ways. An example would be changing landforms from a natural or semi-natural state for a purpose such as agriculture or housing. When land needs to be prepared for the purpose of building homes the developer may need to subdivide the real estate into smaller lots.

What is a fixed return investment?

The meaning of a fixed return investment is included in the name - it is an investment designed to guarantee fixed returns. This type of investment is sometimes called a fixed income investment and although it may provide lower yields than common stocks and similar investment strategies, it is considered a very safe tactic when you’re looking to make your money go further.

Some examples of an investment with a fixed return include government bonds, which pay periodic coupons representing a certain interest rate, as well as mortgage backed securities.

There are several benefits to opting in for fixed return investments which include diversification from stock market risk, protecting the absolute value of your investment via assets that have a stated objective of return of principal, a steady source of income and a potential of generating great returns over time.

What is property sourcing?

Property sourcing is the process of finding high-yield property deals, negotiating the best prices and packaging them, ready to be sold to a property investor. Property deals typically consist of a pre-negotiated and signed offer with a vendor for the property to be sold at the agreed price. This property deal can be packaged up with other services that include the sales chasing, liaising back and forth with the seller, instructing a power team of solicitors, mortgage brokers and lettings agents to bring the deal to completion.

A property sourcer acts as the middleman between the property investor and the seller, smoothing the deal out and adding value for both parties. Hiring a property sourcing company offers the investor a hands-off experience and allows them to save a lot of time, which they can utilise in other ways, such as thinking about ways to grow their portfolio. Having a middleman who finds the best property deals for you gives you flexibility, access to local contacts and allows you to benefit from their experience and knowledge of the industry.

What does acquisition mean in real estate?

Property acquisition refers to the process of acquiring ownership or rights over a property or a real estate. To acquire ownership over any property, the interested party would first do their research in order to find a suitable property. Some people choose to complete this step themselves while others hire an agent to do it for them. Oftentimes, having an agent work on your behalf results in having access to a larger pool of properties and contacts which may be helpful later down the line.
The next step is all about completing your due diligence, which is a crucial step and involves various examinations of the property, verification of the rental yield, an analysis of environmental issues and legal verification, amongst other things.
Even before the completion of all of these examinations, if the property valuation has been done, the buyer may choose to put in a written offer for the house. If an agent is involved, they would take care of this step, and potentially enter into negotiations with the seller to arrive at the best price for the buyer on whose behalf they are working. If a price can be agreed the contracts can be exchanged.

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Client Testimonials

Best Property Investments boasts an unrivalled reputation for the consistent provision of significant returns, and high levels of client satisfaction. Read about our client’s investment experiences with us below:

  • If you are looking to invest in property it’s best to have a competent property specialists that can help you out achieve your financial freedom; this is Best Property Investments

  • The team at Best Property Investments are driven individuals and educated ones too. Their knowledge of property is excellent, in particular which strategies are best utilised to get maximum benefit for their clients. I enjoyed working alongside Best Property Investments and would happily work again with them in the future.

  • Best Property Investments are experts in their field and have offered up some great advice on ventures we were looking to pursue. I would strongly recommend to connect with Best Property Investments and utilise their wealth of knowledge and experience.