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With the UK property market set to experience an increasing demand for spaces suitable for both residential and commercial development, land is proving to be a high potential option for investors of all calibres, offering an affordable opportunity to obtain a tangible asset inclined towards a significant return on investment – particularly where development is involved.

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Despite its significant potential land development is often considered to be a complex and involved process by investors seeking a passive income source. Best Property Investments tailored property and land development service provides a comprehensive solution to this issue, offering unrivalled access to the expertise of adept consultants, architects, project planners, builders, and site managers – delivering a ‘hands-free’ experience where desired.

Best Property Investments dedicated land development consultants are proud advisors to property investors throughout the UK, providing expert guidance across all aspects and stages of land and property development projects – from property sourcing to final builds and sales.

Providing investors of all calibre the opportunity to liaise with development experts across every aspect of the acquisition, planning, and building process, our land development service works to create a fully tailored, highly effective strategy from the first consultation, with consideration given to a number of factors, including, timescales, financial limitations, and individual objectives.

Land Development Service Benefits

Best Property Investments land development service offers investors an excellent opportunity to acquire and develop a tangible asset geared towards providing a significant return on investment.

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Extensive Network

Best Property Investments extensive network of trusted development specialists work seamlessly to bring together even the most complex development process. Our in-house property specialists, architects, and legal consultants partner with highly experienced building firms to ensure the optimised development of all land types.

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Optimised Strategy

Best Property Investments are proud to deliver each of our property and land development services on an entirely bespoke basis – meaning our strategies are moulded to the precise requirements of our clients, and to best suit the land acquired, helping ensure the highest possible return on investment.

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Industry Access

Our carefully curated network within the property and real estate industries allows our consultants to source high potential off-market property at the best possible price. This is imperative for the purchase of high potential land commonly unavailable on the open market, and to the success of projects in their entirety.

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‘Hands-Free’ Process

We understand that passive income sources should never become a full-time occupation. Our property experts take pride in managing every aspect of the land development process where desired, partnering with trusted planners, architects, legal consultants, and builders to deliver a ‘hands-free’ service from acquisition to final builds, and sales.

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Growing Market

With demand for land set to grow significantly alongside the UK’s increasing demand for housing, land development is proving an excellent investment for many. Best Property Investments offers a number of comprehensive land development services designed to capture this growth.

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Passive Income

Best Property Investments fully tailored, hands-free land development service offers a unique opportunity to earn passively in a manner best suited to your income goals. Whether you’re seeking to develop a private rental property set to provide a consistent cash flow, or a property set to sell, our tailored process works to ensure maximum returns.

Why Land Development?

Despite its significant potential land development is often considered to be a complex and involved process by investors seeking a passive income source.

With demand for land rising in-line with the UK’s increasing housing needs, development is proving a ‘safe’ investment for many. Offering opportunity for a significant return on investment across both redevelopment and new build projects, land development takes advantage of a limited commodity in constant demand.

When offered on a bespoke, ‘hands-free’ basis, land development may be undertaken in a highly effective manner, with delegated experts ensuring the selection of high potential land, and planning around its optimal use for a maximum returns.

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Best Property Investments experienced investors understand that security is paramount to a successful portfolio. With us, each investment is completely secure – no trap doors, no tricks.

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We pride ourselves on offering complete transparency to each of our clients throughout the investment process, allowing for changes to be made at any point, as and when requested.

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Working on a bespoke basis with a select group of clients allows our experts to deliver a more personalised level of service, allowing for accurate insight into all elements of a portfolio.

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Due Diligence

Our experts strive to know every fine detail before committing to any investment decision, allowing them to fully assess all available options, and make impactful moves that help ensure a high return.

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Discover Best Property Investments core range of property investment services – designed and delivered by experienced industry experts to ensure optimal results. Offered on a bespoke basis to all clients, our services aim to allow for a ‘hands-free’ investment experience where preferred, helping ensure the best possible decisions are made with regard to your portfolio and individual goals, whilst minimising your workload.

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Allow our property investment experts to manage and expand a successful portfolio on your behalf.

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Portfolio Acquisition

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Land Development Investment Process

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Free Consultation

Our property investment and development experts are proud to offer a free consultation service, during which they’ll advise on the most suitable investment package or service for your goals, requirements, and limitations.

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After establishing your chosen property service and receiving an initial payment, your allocated Best Property Investments consultant will undertake all work necessary to source and obtain relevant opportunities with high return potential.

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Our dedicated team will work on your behalf to ensure every aspect of your investment functions smoothly, allowing you to reap the benefits of your successful investment with minimal stress.

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Land Development FAQs

What do land developers do?

Land developers buy land or property, which is currently not being used or is run down, with the aim to improve it and sell it at a profit. The improvements applied to land include adding utility connections or building roads, as well as repairing the land or building upon it. Land development sometimes requires developers to alter the landscape in different ways. An example would be changing landforms from a natural or semi-natural state for a purpose such as agriculture or housing. When land needs to be prepared for the purpose of building homes the developer may need to subdivide the real estate into smaller lots.

What is land promotion?

Land promotion refers to the process of increasing the value of a piece of land by promoting it through the planning system with the aim of securing permission for alternative use. By obtaining planning permission for the construction of new homes or business premises, a land promoter raises the value of the land, generating a profit for the landowner at the point of sale. Land promotion services may include only the process that the land promoter needs to go through to secure the desired planning permission, or may stretch as far as managing the sale of the site to a suitable developer. Additional services that a land promoter may offer include estimating the potential cost of the site development and investigating what type of foundations the developer would need to use. Putting the land for sale with all of these in place may help the landowner to sell the land at a premium price.

What is strategic land?

Land may be referred to as ‘strategic’ when there are potential benefits that may come from its location or accessibility. It may also be labelled strategic when there is some development potential that can be unlocked by promoting the land through the planning system. For example, land that is located alongside an existing housing development or an inner-city brownfield would be referred to as strategic land. Typically, landowners, investors and developers would work with a land promoter to improve the land and secure planning permissions in order to raise the value of the plot.

With the demand for housing in the UK overtaking supply by far, the government and developers are desperate to find more land to build new homes. Developing land strategically to meet those demands is both; a challenge for local authorities, and an opportunity for land developers and investors.

What is strategic land use planning?

Strategic land use planning is the process of assessing and identifying future land uses in order to meet the demand for housing in their jurisdiction, whilst protecting sensitive environments, and safeguarding natural resources. The planning process takes a holistic view and ensures that every new land development or newly-built housing estate meets the needs of the community, offers recreational spaces and promotes sustainable business and employment. Strategic land planning teams aim to maximise the potential allocation of development sites in the short, medium and long-term. Land promoters and landowners who invest in strategic land with the aim to develop it in ways that increase its value facilitate the process of strategic land use planning.

What is backland development?

Backland development, refers to building out on a bit of land that sits behind a line of housing or another development. This is usually land that is used as garden space and is typically not visible from usual roadways. To make the backland site accessible, developers would normally build a road to reach the backland site from the rear or the side of the property. Alternatively, it could be a plot of land in between gardens with a communal or private access alley.

When considering backland development there are a few common planning issues that you should be aware of:

Providing access - the site needs to be accessible for cars, emergency services, pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, the road needs to comply with highways standards.

Considering neighbours - when neighbours are involved, the site planning needs to take into account any potential overshadowing, overlooking, noise or other negative impacts on the neighbours’ lives that might make them oppose your new backland development.

Context and character - some properties or locations have a specific character or context that may need to be preserved. Adding backland development around such property may have a damaging effect on it, and therefore may not be approved by local authorities.

Satisfying space standards - some planning authorities require proposed dwellings to meet certain standards in terms of internal spaces, garden sizes and parking. These requirements often apply to the proposed dwelling, as well as the existing dwelling, behind which you are planning to build.

What is land development?

Land development is the process of improving a piece of land for a specific use, such as building a residential or commercial development. It can involve a variety of activities, including preparing the land for construction, installing infrastructure (such as roads, utilities, and drainage systems), and obtaining necessary permits and approvals. Land development may also involve environmental assessments and the implementation of measures to mitigate any negative impacts on the environment.

There are several steps involved in land development, including:
1 - Site selection: Identifying and selecting a suitable piece of land for development.
2 - Feasibility analysis: Determining if the land is suitable for the intended use and if the project is economically viable.
3 - Design and planning: Develop a detailed plan for the project, including the layout of the buildings and infrastructure.
4 - Zoning and permitting: Obtaining necessary approvals and permits from local authorities.
5 - Construction: Building the development according to the approved plans.

Land development can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it is an important part of creating new residential and commercial developments.

How long does land development take?

The length of the land development process can vary significantly depending on the size and complexity of the project, as well as local regulations and other factors. A small residential development may take a few months to a year to complete, while a large commercial development could take several years.

The land development process typically involves several steps, including site selection, feasibility analysis, design and planning, zoning and permitting, and construction. Each of these steps can take a significant amount of time, especially if there are complications or delays. For example, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from local authorities can be a time-consuming process, and construction can be affected by weather, material delays, and other factors.

It is important for developers to carefully plan and budget for the land development process, taking into account the potential for delays and other unforeseen issues.

How much does land development cost?

The cost of land development can vary significantly depending on the size and complexity of the project, as well as local construction costs and other factors. A small residential development may cost a few hundred thousand dollars to develop, while a large commercial development could cost millions of dollars.

There are many costs associated with land development, including:
- Land acquisition: The cost of purchasing the land to be developed.
- Site preparation: The cost of preparing the land for construction, such as grading and soil stabilization.
- Infrastructure: The cost of installing roads, utilities, and other infrastructure.
- Buildings: The cost of constructing buildings and other structures on the site.
- Permits and fees: The cost of obtaining the necessary permits and paying various fees to local authorities.
- Professional services: The cost of hiring architects, engineers, and other professionals to design and oversee the project.
- Financing: The cost of borrowing money to fund the project, if necessary.

It is important for developers to carefully budget for all of these costs and to allow for contingencies in case there are unexpected expenses or delays.

Can anyone develop land?

Land development is typically done by professionals with experience in construction and real estate development. These professionals have the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to navigate the complex process of developing land, including site selection, design and planning, zoning and permitting, and construction.

However, it is possible for individuals or organizations to develop land if they have the necessary skills and resources. For example, an individual may develop a small residential property for their own use, or an organization may develop a piece of land for a specific purpose, such as a park or recreational facility.

In order to develop land, it is important to have a clear understanding of the process and the various risks and challenges involved. It may also be necessary to hire professionals, such as architects, engineers, and contractors, to help with the project.

What are the risks involved in land development?

There are several risks involved in land development, including:
1. Financial risk: Land development can be a costly undertaking, and there is always the risk that the project will not generate the expected return on investment.
2. Construction risk: There are many risks associated with construction, including material delays, cost overruns, and accidents.
3. Market risk: The value of the development may fluctuate due to changes in the market or economic conditions.
4. Legal risk: There may be legal issues or disputes that could impact the project, such as zoning or permit problems, or liability for accidents or injuries on the site.
5. Environmental risk: The land development process may have an impact on the environment, and there may be risks associated with mitigating any negative impacts.

It is important for developers to carefully assess these and other risks before starting a land development project, and to implement measures to mitigate these risks as much as possible. This may involve obtaining insurance, hiring experienced professionals, and conducting thorough feasibility analyses.

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