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Developing and expanding a property portfolio has long been hailed as an excellent investment choice for individuals and organisations across the UK.

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Now, with the property market set to continue its astronomical growth and residential space in high demand, many investors are seeking to quickly expand, or establish a portfolio – taking advantage of low-interest rates and a significant shift by the population to the private rental sector.

Best Property Investments portfolio acquisition service offers a unique solution to investors seeking to establish or expand their property repertoire. Our dedicated acquisition consultants are highly experienced in securing significant transactions across the rental investment sector – working diligently on a regular basis to build and enhance the portfolios of corporate bodies, individual investors, and receivers.

Providing access to a number of carefully selected existing portfolios, this comprehensive service works on a bespoke basis to both source high potential investment opportunities, and manage every aspect of the complex transactions entailed in their purchase.

Property Portfolio Acquisition Service Benefits

Best Property Investments property portfolio acquisition service offers investors a comprehensive level of guidance and management throughout the purchase of existing property portfolios, working on a bespoke basis to source and secure listings best suited to the precise requirements of our investors.

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Expert Guidance

Best Property Investments trusted acquisition consultants have extensive experience sourcing and securing existing portfolios, partnering with our in-house legal and property experts to consistently deliver a comprehensive level of service to investors across the UK.

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Negotiating Power

Best Property Investments property experts use their extensive acquisition experience to target our rich network of established real estate contacts when seeking existing portfolios, employing strong negotiating power on behalf of our clients to ensure an optimal deal is reached.

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Industry Access

Our carefully curated network within the property and real estate industries allows our consultants to source high potential portfolios unavailable on public markets at the best possible price.

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‘Hands-Free’ Process

We understand that passive income sources should never become a full-time occupation. Our property experts take pride in managing every aspect of the portfolio acquisition process where desired, delivering a ‘hands-free’ service.

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Growing Market

Property is generally considered to be the strongest class asset. With a higher percentage of the market opting to rent privately than ever before, and demand for housing far outweighing current supply, property portfolios often prove to be exceedingly secure investments.

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Tailored Process

Best Property Investments are proud to deliver each of our property investment services on a bespoke basis – meaning our portfolio acquisition strategies are moulded to the precise requirements of our clients.

Why Acquire a
Property Portfolio?

For many keen investors, building a portfolio is a significant step in securing further passive income.

Having proved an increasingly popular option in line with market growth, property portfolios are a key feature in the repertoire of investors across the UK, with approximately 40% of landlords owning between two and four properties (31% of the private rental sector), and 17% owning more than five.

Despite this, building a portfolio can be a complex and slow process – particularly where individual properties are independently obtained. Purchasing an existing portfolio in its entirety offers a fast solution to this issue – especially where investment experts such as Best Property Investments are brought on board to source elusive portfolios, and manage transactions.

Purchasing a portfolio with us provides investors with a significant opportunity to diversity within the residential class, and, of course, offers investors a truly passive source of income when curated effectively.

Our Values

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Best Property Investments experienced investors understand that security is paramount to a successful portfolio. With us, each investment is completely secure – no trap doors, no tricks.

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We pride ourselves on offering complete transparency to each of our clients throughout the investment process, allowing for changes to be made at any point, as and when requested.

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Working on a bespoke basis with a select group of clients allows our experts to deliver a more personalised level of service, allowing for accurate insight into all elements of a portfolio.

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Due Diligence

Our experts strive to know every fine detail before committing to any investment decision, allowing them to fully assess all available options, and make impactful moves that help ensure a high return.

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To further discuss your property investment goals and requirements, or, to explore ways in which we can work together, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Discover Best Property Investments core range of property investment services – designed and delivered by experienced industry experts to ensure optimal results. Offered on a bespoke basis to all clients, our services aim to allow for a ‘hands-free’ investment experience where preferred, helping ensure the best possible decisions are made with regard to your portfolio and individual goals, whilst minimising your workload.

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Partner with our land development experts to discover high potential plots yielding incredible returns.

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Fixed Returns

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Property Sourcing

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Portfolio Acquisition

Gain the opportunity to access, evaluate, and obtain existing portfolios alongside our portfolio management specialists.

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Property Investment Process

Step 1

Free Consultation

Our property investment and development experts are proud to offer a free consultation service, during which they’ll advise on the most suitable investment package or service for your goals, requirements, and limitations.

Step 2


After establishing your chosen property service and receiving an initial payment, your allocated Best Property Investments consultant will undertake all work necessary to source and obtain relevant opportunities with high return potential.

Step 3


Our dedicated team will work on your behalf to ensure every aspect of your investment functions smoothly, allowing you to reap the benefits of your successful investment with minimal stress.

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Property Portfolio Acquisition FAQs

What does acquisition mean in real estate?

Property acquisition refers to the process of acquiring ownership or rights over a property or a real estate. To acquire ownership over any property, the interested party would first do their research in order to find a suitable property. Some people choose to complete this step themselves while others hire an agent to do it for them. Oftentimes, having an agent work on your behalf results in having access to a larger pool of properties and contacts which may be helpful later down the line.
The next step is all about completing your due diligence, which is a crucial step and involves various examinations of the property, verification of the rental yield, an analysis of environmental issues and legal verification, amongst other things.
Even before the completion of all of these examinations, if the property valuation has been done, the buyer may choose to put in a written offer for the house. If an agent is involved, they would take care of this step, and potentially enter into negotiations with the seller to arrive at the best price for the buyer on whose behalf they are working. If a price can be agreed the contracts can be exchanged.

How much money do you need to invest in property UK?

The amount of capital required to invest in a property in the UK will largely depend on the type of property you are planning to buy and its location. As an investor you also need to consider some of the one-off payments that come with the purchase, such as stamp duty tax or solicitors fees.

The initial investments will vary depending on the property and method of investment. If you’re buying a buy-to-let property using a mortgage your deposit will need to be at least 25% of the purchase price. Similar figures, with added on-going costs will apply to serviced accommodation. However, if you were to invest in student accommodation, you will require 100% of the purchase price in cash and so your initial investment may need to be a lot higher.

What is Property Acquisition Cost?

Property acquisition cost is the total cost involved in the process of acquiring a property. Calculating the total cost which includes the actual price of the property as well as all the fees associated with its purchase is an important step in the real estate acquisition process. Arriving at this number allows you to budget and plan for a purchase without any last minute surprises. When calculating the property acquisition cost the different costs, apart from the price, that you may add include the legal fees, survey fees, stamp duty tax, which will differ depending on the property value, property type and whether you’ve bought a property before or not, as well as any refurbishment costs you might need to cover.

How do you raise money for a property portfolio?

There are several ways in which you can raise money for a property portfolio and each of them comes with a different amount of risk requiring you to complete your due diligence.

One creative and less known method to raise finance is by using vendor finance, whereby the seller allows the buyer to pay the price over time. This is possible when the seller is motivated to sell the property fast but may not necessarily need the full amount all at once.

For those property investors with ample amount of time on their hands, property sourcing and selling packaged deals to other investors for a fee may be another way to raise finance in order to add a property to their own portfolio.
Building trust relationships with people in the industry may open doors to raising finance with angel investors, who depending on the attractiveness of the deal may be willing to put in large sums of their own money.

Investors who are under pressure to raise finance fast and have no option to use a traditional mortgage, which may be the case when purchasing via an auction, can apply for a bridging loan. It’s important to consider all the costs and charges of a bridging loan as it may prove a costly option when not planned well.

Apart from the above methods, as well as releasing equity from your own property, there are a few other techniques that help to raise funds. Most popular include creating a joint venture with someone who has the funds, opting in for a shared ownership property or using crowdfunding platforms.

How do you build an entire property portfolio with one single deposit?

Savvy investors are able to leverage knowledge of the market and legislation to build an entire portfolio of properties using just one single deposit. The strategy many of them use is something called “two plus one strategy”. What this means is that if the investor has three properties, they should be ready to sell two and keep one, or keep two and sell one. In this way there is always a way to keep bringing money back into your pot and keep reinvesting it into new properties and effectively growing your portfolio. By using your initial investment to purchase three properties at once, rather than putting your entire deposit into one single property, you avoid waiting for that one property to grow in value before you are ready to refinance or sell it without making a loss. When you apply the “two plus one strategy” and always have at least one property to sell, you are able to increase your pot of money, which you can reinvest into new properties to grow your portfolio. Once you learn the process all you need to do is just repeat it a few times until you have a sizable portfolio that generates you the passive income you set out to achieve.

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